Mortis Brawl Stars – Complete Guide to Become a Monster With him!

Mortis is the undertaker in the game which puts the people in coffins. Despite that his spindly frame and being apparent to the years, he then moves with the surprising speed. Let’s Checkout Brawl Stars Mortis In-depth guide and how to use to him properly! and tips.

Mortis Brawl Stars Quick Facts!

  • Mortis basically a Mythic brawler who is having unique in the attack which he holds having movements of it as well.
  • He then dashes towards forward and also damages the enemies whom he hit.
  • For the superpower of his, Mortis actually summons his swarm of the bats that he is having the drain the enemies and their health while in the time being he has been restoring that amount of his as well.
  • Mortis at the time has a moderate health amount and also the damage output of it is moderate.

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About Moris Attack –Shovel Swing

“Mortis creates business opportunities for himself by dashing forward with a sharp swing of his shovel.”

A short distance of his is also forwarded by Mortis while it has also been dealing with the moderate damage which could have been happened to any of the enemies in the path to Brawlers.

The attack couldn’t be performed by Mortis without unless he is to dash towards the wall nearby.  The attack in true senses basically is a melee attack and the dash then effectively gives it to the shorter range of it comparatively.

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About Moris Super –Life Blood

“Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!”

The super of this character is lifeblood while Mortis calls that to be a forth swam from the vampire bats which by the time drain the health of the enemies of them while he has also been restoring.

Having this power, Mortis simply will shoot the bits in the single direction and if those bats have been in the contact with any of the enemy, they will deal for the damages and Mortis will heal equal for the damages that have been dealt.

Full amount would be healed by Mortis which is possible for his super even if there is a situation for the enemy to hit with less of the health that is left in whatever the damage would be in its maximum but if there is a situation in which the bats get missed, travelling a long distance would be made hard to attack in order to avoid. 

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Mortis Bats For the Win!

The bats then spread moderately and they move over quickly by passing through the walls and they have their travel by shifting from the long distance which makes it tough to avoid from attacking. If multiples enemies have been hit by the bat, they then have to deal with the full damage and this is the situation when Mortis receives a lot of enemies being hit by the total number multiplied.

This situation makes it possible for Mortis so that he could better be in a position to heal him in a dramatic manner if several enemies have been hit by the bats.

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Star power – Creepy Harvest

“Mortis instantly reaps the soul of a Brawler if he kills them, restoring 1400 health.”

His star power is creepy harvest while in that phase; he gets himself on the health score of 1400.

Mortis Skins

Mortis Brawl Stars - Complete Guide to Become a Monster With him!

Mortis – Normal Skin

Rockability Mortis (150 Gems)

Night Witch Mortis (150 Gems)

Mortis Brawl Stars - Complete Guide to Become a Monster With him!

Top Hat Mortis


Mortis Brawl Stars
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