Brawl Stars Guide: Mastering the game with Nita! Latest Guide

Brawl stars is fun to play game and there are numerous brawlers available for you to play with. The basic characters include Nita which is a human character but has the ability to summon bear. Like other characters, she also has two attacks, a basic attack known as the rupture, and a super attack known as the overbearing. She is best known for the signature move the big baby bear.

Moreover, people also look forward to playing with Nita because the shockwave basic attack known as the rupture deals damage to move than a single enemy. However, they have to be in the same line.

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Nita Brawl Stars Complete Guide

Here are Pros and Cons of Nita

Pros of Nita

Brawl Stars Guide: Mastering the game with Nita

The positives to playing with Nita include the high damage that she does to the enemies. She is a short range attacker but the powerful blows through shockwave can deal some serious damage.

In many of the clashes, she acts as the initiator where the fellow players can come and finish on the huge damage that Nita deals to the players. The fact that it pierces enemies it his means that the opponents won’t be able to use each other as shields when they go out to attack.

Moreover, the big baby bear is the signature attack of Nita. It calls the spirit of a big baby bear which has ability to deal damage that is about 150% or even more than the damage of basic attack by Nita.

Moreover, bear cannot only attack other enemies but may also act as a shield for Nita when she is attacking other enemies. Usually, the opponents are caught by surprise when Nita summons bears. Moreover, it also increases the number of players for a team, shifting the game in the favor of Nita’s team.

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Cons of Nita

Brawl Stars Guide: Mastering the game with Nita

Rein Deer Nita

The primary problem of Nita for most of the players is that she is a short range attacker. This means that you have to be close to the enemies when you are looking to attack them.

Moreover, the bear that she calls can’t be controlled directly by Nita or more so by the player. This means that the bear will be playing on its own and may start attacking where it is not necessary, leaving Nita open with no cover around.

Attacks of Nita

Let’s checkout Attack’s of Nita

Attack – Rupture

The first attack by Nita is rupture which sends the shockwave. It ruptures the ground and damage the enemies that are caught in tremor. Whether it is a single enemy or more than one, the rupture can damage them all.

It is advised that you should sneak up to long range enemies and catch them by surprise before you attack them.

Super Overbearing

Panda Nita Brawl Stars

Panda Nita Brawl Stars

The second attack, super ability, is the overbearing. Here, Nita calls the spirit of a big baby bear which helps her against the enemies. Although Nita cannot control the bear, it can act both as a shield as well as an assistant attacker which can deal some very serious damage to the enemies.

Moreover, it can also act as the distraction, allowing you to go in with your full capacity and ambush the enemies.

Star Power Bear with Me

When bear attacks enemy heals Nita, When Nita attacks enemy it heals her bear, Causing deadly combo!

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