Brawl Stars Guide: 5 Tips for Mastering the Arena!

Brawl Stars is a game from SuperCell in the MOBA genre that gives player a chance to dive into a 3 vs 3 match or play a 1 vs 9 real time multi-player matches. The game was initially soft-launched but now it has been released on a global scale.

With some strong advertisement in order supercell hits like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, the brawl stars has a huge audience around it. Many individuals who are looking to start the game want to go through a brawl stars guide and here we have one for you.

Top 5 Tips to Rock in Brawl Stars

Let’s Start without wasting time!

Know the details about All Brawlers

Brawl Stars Guide: 5 Tips for Mastering the Arena!

When you start the game you go through a tutorial which provides you information about the basic controls and the goal of the game. Once you are done with it, read about various brawlers in the game. Get a comprehensive overview of the brawlers and what they are capable of. While the best mode of learning about a character is to play with it, you don’t have access to all the brawlers at first.

So, you can read about them over the internet. Moreover, you will certainly encounter some of them in the arena so you will get an overview of what each character is capable of.

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Try different controls

Brawl Stars Guide: 5 Tips for Mastering the Arena!

Go to settings menu and you will see two control modes. One is tap to move and the other is joystick move. The former option is default and as you tap the character will start moving to that location. In order to attack, swipe and release in the direction of your choice and the character will shoot. As for the joystick move, it is traditional joystick control.

AT one side you have joystick to move your character in different directions and on the other side you have joystick for giving attack direction. Try out both and see which one is most feasible for you.

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Range and health

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Take a look at the range of attack for each character when you are playing the game. Every character has a varying range and a different way of attacking. So, make sure that you know how far your bullets will travel.

Also, the characters heal when they are not attacking and not taking any damage. So, when the health goes down to a certain level, you should focus on taking cover and healing. However, it also gives your opponent a chance to do the same too.

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Play with bots

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When you are starting out, it is advised that you should play with bots. Play a few matches with bots and make sure that you are fluent with the controls and know the range of different characters. Playing with bots allow you to use various tactics and experiment with the gameplay as much as possible before you head out to play with real players.

You can go with simple bot brawl where you have two bot partners and 3 bot enemies. The co-op allows you to team up with real players and take on bots.

So, this was the basic brawl stars guide for the players that are just starting out. Make sure that you try different brawlers and check in daily to attain coins.

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