Brawl Stars Gene Guide – Tips to Master Gene Brawler Latest

Brawl Stars Gene is basically a character which uses his lamp having magic so that he could shoot the projectile.  He has super magical hands with which he can pull and grab the enemies closer to him. The gene could easily be get unlocked from the brawl boxes.

Quick Facts About Gene Brawl Stars

Gene shoots the ball of the magical smoke that is solid and this he does by his lamp. If somehow he isn’t able to target the ball, it then splits up and then the damage is spread in the cone.

Brawl Stars Gene Guide - Tips to Master Gene Brawler Latest

A magical hand basically which is the sign of the super attack from the gene is launched and if an enemy is hit by him, they automatically then are pulled towards the location of the gene. The attack is simpler to pass through the walls even.

The score of healing by the gene to all the other friend brawlers is 200 per second.

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Gem tips

–    Using grass to harass the enemies is the key gem tip and however, this attack is spread to a wide geographical area and this is how you would be able to charge up in a superb manner to the side of your team.

–    For picking off the opponents, the best way is to pull the enemies and this is the way in which the enemies would easily be burnt down.  Try by yourself that you don’t aim for the non-tank enemies so that you can earn instant gems for the team of yours.


–    The skills which gene hold is something which has made him an ideal brawler that could be used in the Duos. Gene being the team member will be helpful in keeping you sustained because he owes such a star power and he is known the best to dismantle any enemy using the powers.

–    In the late game situations, the powers used by Gene really prove to be useful because the enemies have been found to be hiding behind the covers in the game and somehow as he can pass through the walls too, the non-tanky enemy could be snatched from the covers for the elimination.

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–    Gene can help himself in positioning the enemies again and again as they have been getting too closer for the comfort of being safe. The precious time of your team could also be occupied by pulling any of the enemies to the walled area and that is to be done before the point they get closer to the safety.

–    The normal and the regular attack of Gene are so enough to get spread over a vast area after a certain range of distance has been travelled. This can also be used to deter the enemies so that they couldn’t come closer to you or to your team while they are in rush to safety and this by providing them with the safe way for passage.

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–    The super character gene will play a security role in the game to win from the side of your team.

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