Brawl Stars Colt Complete Guide: Playing with the Cool Colt!

Brawl Stars Colt is among the common brawlers in the brawl stars game and many individuals love playing with him. The character has certain strengths and weaknesses. Knowing about the colt does not only help you to play with the character but it also allows you to come up at the top when you are against him. So, here is a brawl stars colt guide that will reveal a lot about the character for you.

Characteristics of Colt

Colt is known as an offensive brawler in the game as it has the ability to do damage to characters from a reasonable distance. His attacks fire in a straight line and the super attack is known for its range.

Colt can be best labelled as the glass canon because of the fact that it has a low health meter but can deal the high damage of a cannon. This makes it a popular character in the game.

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Strengths of colt

There are two primary strengths of colt are high damage output and long range. The high damage means that if he manages to hit a character with a few bullets the health would go down a serious deal. Moreover, the long-range means that he can hit the targets from far away.

You won’t have to go close which means that the opponent will have a hard time hitting you with most of its bullets. Moreover, the super attack has one of the longest ranges in the game. He can deal damage from as much as a mile away so you won’t get damaged by the enemies that can attack in close range only.

Weaknesses of colt

There are certain weaknesses of the colt as well that you need to be aware of when you are playing with the character. For instance, low health is one of the problems for the players. But the long-range attack allows you to stay far away from your enemies’ range. However, a single mistake can prove to be costly when you are playing with this brawler.

Moreover, he also has a high skill cap. The bullets shot by colt travel in a single straight line so if the enemy is agile then there will be trouble hitting him straight with all the bullets from far away.

Attack & Supers

Let’s discuss about his powers

Attack – Six Shooters

The two attacks of colt include the basic six shooter attack and the super attack known as the bullet Storm. The basic attack fires 6 bullets all of which travel in a straight line. As the bullets are being fired by colt, the direction can be changed as you move your character. However, it requires a certain level of mastery before you are able to pull it off altogether.

Super – Bullet Storm

The super attack is known as bullet train where a burst of bullets are shot that have enormous power and travel additional distance. It may appear similar to six shooter but it can surprise the enemies hidden behind the obstacles. The bullet train has the ability to destroy walls and covers so even if the enemies are hidden behind the grass they will all be killed.

Star Power – Slick Boots

Colt movement speed is increased by 60 points!

Brawl Stars Colt Skins

There are 3 Major Skins for Colt, All of them are below!

Brawl Stars Colt Guide: Playing with the Cool Colt

ColtBrawl Stars Colt Guide: Playing with the Cool Colt

Rockstar ColtBrawl Stars Colt Guide: Playing with the Cool Colt

Royal Agent Colt

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