Brawl Stars Carl Guide – Everything you Need to Know!

This is the Carl brawl guide is really helpful for you to get you through everything which you could ever need to get to know about this new brawler. There is all the information mentioned below regarding the stats, attacks, release date and all the abilities which the game star holds.

Brawl Stars Carl Complete Guide 2019

Without wasting time let’s proceed further.

Brawl Stars Carl Guide - Everything you Need to Know!

Release date

There is no specific date for the release of Carl but this is slated to be added in the game in about 2019 Match but still, the exact date of its release isn’t announced.

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Abilities and attacks

Carl being the very first brawler has the only and single ammo slot and he throws a pickaxe being a boomerang and the ability to fire which is immediately recharged once the pickaxe has been returned.

Main attack

The main attack of the character is pickaxe.

–    The only ammo slot is with Carl that is immediately charged when the pickaxe has been returned.

–    After Carl has reached the max distance pickaxe is returned to him or when it is hit to the wall.

–    The pickaxe is also pierced through the enemies.

–    To kick the ball in the brawl ball don’t take any consumption of the ammo when it is with Carl.

Super Attack

The super attack of Carl is Tailspin

–    Carl can increase his speed and he could start whirling his Pickaxe in the angle of 360 degrees that is the radius in damaging everyone who his around him.

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Star power

The star power of Carl is a power throw.

–    The flight speed of pickaxe is increased which allows it for travelling and returning back to its point even faster.

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Carl stats

Carl is the famous super rare brawler who is known for the solid damage he does and he also has got solid stats for health.

Following mentioned is the list of Carl’s health stats by levels:

Following mentioned are the attack stats of each level respectively:

Following is the details of the super stats by levels:


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Carl tricks and tips

Carl still hasn’t been released completely but there is a bit of action which has been on the view in the recently launched gameplay video:

–    Try yourself the best to position between the closer wall and the opponent and this way you can throw the pickaxe and in return it would bounce off the wall and then again it would be near to you.

–    If the pin is opponent near the wall, this is the way in which there could be multiple attacks obtained and this is a deal of tons of damage.

–    The pickaxe would then deal with the damages that have been made and it would throw the target the way it is hit to them.

Brawl Stars Carl
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